Windshield Repair

Did you know...

  • Your windshield is a safety device that protects you in the event of an accident.
  • Greenville Auto Glass offers mobile windshield repair service at your home or office and can fix your chipped or cracked windshield in under an hour.
  • Changes in the weather will spread windshield cracks in seconds causing water leaks and interior damage.
  • A barely visible chip in the glass will eventually crack through, leaving the windshield unsafe.
  • In most cases, your insurance company will pay 100% of the cost to repair your windshield.

Not all windshield chips and cracks can be repaired. Windshield cracks over quarter size, rock chips that penetrate all the glass layers, and large chips have already compromised the windshield's structural integrity and cannot safely be repaired. Also, cracks and chips in the driver's line of sight will require a windshield replacement as the finished windshield repair resin does not dry perfectly clear. Your windshield plays a vital safety role in the event of an accident. It keeps the passengers inside the vehicle during a rollover as well as providing a barrier to flying debris. However, once the integrity of the windshield has been compromised by a rock chip, stress crack, or other damage, the windshield's ability to protect your friends and family is severely diminished.

We Proudly Use

We proudly use parts from the following manufacturers

Sekurit, Autover, of Germany claims to be the number one automotive replacement glass in Europe. Saint Gobain/Sekurit has been the OEM supplier to some of the finest automobiles worldwide including Audi and Volkswagen as well as many other vehicles including GM’s Cadillac Escalade. Sekurit also produces an entire line of OEM factory and OEM aftermarket parts from windshields to door glasses, vent glasses, quarter glasses and rear windshield back windows that meet their customers high demands for quality, fit and finish in luxury vehicles.


Mopar, Daimler Chrysler, Safeguard, OEM glass has been developed exclusively for Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. Mopar also produces an entire line up of quality OEM factory and OEM aftermarket parts like windshields, door glasses, vent glasses, quarter glasses and rear windshield back windows that meet their customers demands for high quality, fit and finish.


Carlite provides the entire line of OEM factory and OEM aftermarket parts like windshields, door vent glasses, quarter glasses and rear windshield back windows that meet customer demands for quality, fit and finish. In addition to OEM Ford Lincoln Mercury parts, Carlite.


Fast forward nearly 80 years and Guardian's automotive glass group has taken glass to new levels for automobiles.Their advanced coatings for glass have to led to advancements in solar management glass and their manufacturing know how has enabled them to produce unique panoramic sunroofs and perfect more common glass systems like back windows or lift gate windows. Guardian is a trusted supplier to the largest auto manufactures in the world.


Crinamex glass is actually owned by Vitro, S.A. de C.V, through its subsidiary companies, is one of the world's leading glass producers. Trademarked by several other names, such as Crinamex, Vitro Flex, VPM and others. Vitro is a factory OEM supplier as well as an OEM aftermarket supplier of windshields to many foreign and domestic auto manufacturers.


Pilkington's biggest market.Pilkington provides glazing for one in three of the world's vehicles and supply all of the major vehicle groups including Toyota, GM, Ford, Daimler, VW, Renault/Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Honda BMW and Volvo


In April 1986, LOF sold its glass business and name to the Pilkington Group, a multinational glass manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom. The remaining three business units of the company, Aeroquip, Vickers, and Sterling, were retained and the holding company was renamed TRINOVA Corporation. The Sterling business was later sold and in the late 1990s, the company adopted its two leading business unit names, and continued as Aeroquip-Vickers, Inc., until being absorbed by Eaton Corporation in 1999. As part of the Pilkington Group, the company retained the LOF name. However, in June 2006, Pilkington was acquired by Nippon Sheet Glass, and the LOF name was abandoned in an effort to rebrand globally under the Pilkington name.